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Palm Beach has this amazing video on their website and we just had to share it.
The Monelle girls are constantly telling our customers, usually die-hard Jack Rogers fans, the true story behind this style of shoe - because Palm Beach Sandals are the real deal. 

Here's the break down:

Give the video at the bottom of the post a look, it's so informative and doesn't it feel good to know where your purchases are coming from?

Here's a short recap of our favorite points the Palm Beach crew makes in the video:

 - The now iconic sandal was made for Jackie Kennedy originally
 - Pig Skin Top + 100% Leather back + Cushioned Toe Piece = Softest.Sandals.Ever.
- The leather is snug the first maybe second day that you wear them, but molds to your feet for a comfortable, perfect fit.
- Stitched all the way around the sole, therefore it won't fall apart like other brands
- The "dressiest" sandals
- Made in the U S of A



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  • Molly! Words cannot exspers how wonderful these pictures are and how appreciative we are that you were able to do this for us on our special day!! Thank you so much for everything! We will see you in June!! : ) Adam and Danielle Brickner : ) !


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